I’m a product designer and passionate problem solver based in London.

I’m currently at OakNorth, a bank helping lenders provide fast and flexible loans to businesses.

A while back I interned at Microsoft, where I worked on Paint and HoloLens. More recently I've been working at a bunch of different startups. I helped launch the first version of Coconut, then I joined iwoca, as their first designer, to help build their self-serve lending platform. I also spent some time at Beamery, where I learned loads about the development of enterprise calibre software.

I'm always working on a side-project. At the moment I’m building an app with a few friends called Candid, a new kind of job board for people in tech.

I hope you enjoy the examples of my work below.

If you’d like to work together, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email.


Credit analysis and loan monitoring.
Private & confidential
The talent operating system.
Private & confidential
Business loans. Simplified.
The bank account for freelancers.
3D creation for everyone.
A new kind of job board.
Various visual design bits.
Time-lapses and tutorials.